Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rental Update!

So it looks like we're one step closer to possibly being a very long term resident of the residential side of downtown Burlingame.  The other side of the tracks.

It's amazing how much one takes for granted when living in a safe neighborhood.  In addition, I do miss being able to just walk down to Nectar for a glass of wine, and a beer for the dog (although he's now rationed to only 1/4 of a beer cause he can't hold his liquor like a real man).

We just heard back from our prospective future landlord that there were several applicants, but after running my credit check, I came back as a "very strong" candidate.  I'm glad I spent so much effort (since 18) building up my credit score.  More on how to build your credit score in later posts.

Now they are just going to do a final employment verification, and if all goes well,  I'll be out of the hood, and back into the real world where there's normal people.

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