Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oxford Manor Apartments -- Part 3

I recently had my apartment exit review/ check out inspection with the new manager there at Oxford Manor in Belmont, Sammy Khodja.  Sammy was extremely aggressive during my check out inspection and implied that he could charge me for various items that realistically he could not.  Sammy threatened to charge me fees for repainting the whole unit as well as various cleaning when in all honestly the unit was dirty when I first moved in.

As you can see from my previous posts, the Oxford Manor unit had rust, was extremely dirty, and even had dry rot on the balcony.

Fortunately, I had almost everything documented and when I got fed up and told Sammy to speak with my attorney and proceeded to leave, he gave in and started becoming more civil.  I really feel bad for the other tenants in the unit as not many of them may have been as well educated in the subject or had as much leverage as I had.  Then again, most of the people in the units do not respect the property and live 5 or more to a junior suite, so I think they deserve each other.  The tenants also do not respect reserved parking and many times park where they see fit (even if it's your reserved parking spot).

As much as Sammy denies it, Oxford Manor is a slum and he is their slumlord.  Maybe compared to Sammy's previous management experience in Richmond, Ca it is better?  But that doesn't say much, does it?

Sammy was not professional at all, and drives around the apartment complex in an old Audi TT thinking he is the king of the world -- kind of sad really.

I question Sammy's management skills as it was very apparent he did not review my lease agreement prior to meeting with me.  I have absolutely no respect for individuals who aren't on top of their job.  Sammy insisted I paid only $1,000 as a deposit when in reality I paid $1,300, and continued to tell me I was wrong until I showed him my copy of the rental lease agreement.  Sammy completely forgot I had a dog even though he saw me and my girlfriend walking my dog daily.

I also had a chance to see Sammy's interactions with his employees.  First of all, they seem to have some problem filling their vacant units because both the electrician as well as his handyman live in the unit.  Ironically, they also just happen to live in the units that were recently remodeled.  Second, Sammy's employees had absolutely no respect for him.  You can actually visually see them dragging themselves around not interested in their job or helping Sammy.

In my personal opinion, Sammy barely has any control over them.  They rarely respond to Sammy's requests and while I was a tenant there.  During a fairly serious incident where I had heavy gas fumes in my apartment, my girlfriend witnessed Sammy arguing with his employee about whether they should call PG&E.  Sammy did not want to because he did not want to pay for the service -- by the way, if they are that cheap when there is a gas leak, think about their response to your other requests/issues...

I think this picture sums up everything.  If they can't even bother to "spell check" their notices, what CAN they do?  I made sure he wrote down in writing everything he was going to charge me and had him sign the document.  Hopefully I will get most of my deposit returned and this will be the end to my rental nightmare.

In case you didn't get the message from all the other posts -- don't rent here.

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