Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Falling behind

With great risk comes great rewards, and I have always chosen the safer path: do well in school, get a decent job, work hard.  I'm very proud of my friends and classmates whom I grew up with that have made something of themselves, gained recognization, and become icons themselves.

One of the lessons I have learned during my tenure here is to never try to be better than someone else. Sometimes, though, I look back at what some of my classmates are doing and I wonder if I should have chosen a riskier route.  Seeing what they have done, definitely motivates me to become more than I am now.

Here are some people I grew up with:

I still remember running into James Franco at my high school reunion, which I spent quite some time debating on if I wanted to attend or not.  James ("Teddy") was pretty laid back and easy to talk to.  I enjoyed catching up with him.

As for JT, I haven't talked to him really since high school.  But I still remember skiing with him up at Squaw Valley in Tahoe and getting my butt thoroughly kicked.  That and him trying to unsuccessfully convince me to learn to do the "helicopter".

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