Monday, October 19, 2009

Poserballing -- why you shouldn't do it

I really don't understand the concept of why people pretend to have something that they don't ("poserball").  You either have it or you don't.  Very simple concept, but often misunderstood.

I have yet to have friends that poserball, so I really do not understand the mentality of the group.  I see them around town all the time.  Whether it's girls sporting fake luxury brands and or guys pretending their cars are something they are not.  Maybe I'm ignorant of the materialistic society I live in, or maybe it's just a sign of upbringing and pedigree, but I always respected an individual for who they are, not what they have. I never understood the individuals who felt like they need to pretend they have something they don't to feel accepted. 

I have money to buy things and often choose not to because I rather spend my money elsewhere.  There's nothing wrong with that.  In fact, I probably would respect that individual even more vs. "being cheap" but still pretending to have that item you're too cheap to buy in the first place.

One prime example is this guy in Burlingame.  I initially thought it would be some young punk Asian kid but turned out to be a middle aged white guy.  Don't get me wrong, the BMW 3-series convertible is a great car, but he managed to make it look cheap.  The only girls he would probably pick up would be the stupid materialistic ones who would sleep with the guy just cause he's got a pair of keys to a Porsche (and not even his car).  To the rest of us, he's just a joke.

We took pictures of his car to make fun of him, and as I drove by I gave his a sarcastic "thumbs up".  He probably thought we were so excited with the car that he even turned on his hazards for us.  Uhm... no.  I used to have a real M3 convertible.  As hard as you try to look cool, you don't have one.  Mr. CA plate 6BCZ752.  You, sir, have made it on to this list.

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