Wednesday, January 13, 2010 -- Just like dressing up Barbie

One of my Facebook friends and old classmate whom works at Sunset magazine decided to share this site with her online friends.  This site is essentially an electronic version of Barbie or those old sticker/magnet dress up games. For those who wished they were a professional stylist or on the show "What Not To Wear", this gives them an opportunity to be their own fashion icon.

If you never heard of these toys/games before, the site allows you to select from a portfolio of mannequins who, I was informed by my girlfriend, are actually famous models.  Once you select the appropriate mannequin, you can dress them up with jackets, shirts, shoes, underwear, etc. and then share your styling with other members.  The members can then vote on the styles they like. There are other sites out there that offer similar features.  The difference is they feature items that are actually for sale by their partners and if you like the look, the theory is you can actually buy the product.

The site is fairly addictive, and I even dolled up a couple mannequins myself.  I named them after the locations I felt the style was best fitting.  You can see my creations here.  Amazingly, I actually got 5 votes for what I threw together below:

And 2 votes for this fashionable collaboration.

My girlfriend is convinced that I used to play with Barbies when I was young...

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