Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BBQ Smoker

I have always been fascinated with real BBQ.  One of the few methods of "dry" cooking where you're able to both get fall of the bone tenderness as well as infuse all of the meat with the flavor of your rub.  Unfortunately, owning a real smoker is both time consuming, expensive, as well as not very practical.  I have been making faux BBQ in my oven for the past few years now, and had relatively decent success.  But this is not real BBQ, it's more of a mix between braising and roasting the meat. 

I was surfing the internet recently and actually found a Build Your Own Texas BBQ with both pictures and instructions.  Looks like a pretty complicated project, but maybe someone will be interested in undertaking it with me.  By that I mean make it for me, since I have none of the necessary skills or tools required to both cut the oil can and weld all the pieces together. 

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