Monday, January 4, 2010

Run in with SFPD at SFO

Today, I had a run in with an officer that re-enforces my previous belief: "most cops should just go crawl under a rock and die."  I still don't understand how people can be hired on as cops when they never gone to a "real" college or know very little about the law?

Let me set the scenario: I was driving my 14-year old Volvo beater while I was picking up my girlfriend from SFO.  She just flew back to SFO from DEN, so it wasn't some crazy international flight (where some idiot decided to try to light his crotch on fire).  Most of the vehicles at the arrival section congregated towards the front of the gate.  I parked about 10-15 feet after the crowd and waited for my girlfriend to walk over to meet me.

All of a sudden a Filipino police officer started flashing his flashlight at me and walked over.  The officer insisted that I must leave now because I'm not allowed to park and "wait" by the curb because he immediately assumed that I was waiting for someone who has not arrived, and I was not just smart enough to avoid congestion and traffic.  I pointed to my girlfriend and politely said to the officer, "she's over there, walking over, I'll be gone soon."  The officer proceeded to tell me that's not my girlfriend and I was lying to him and told me that if I don't leave he will ticket me and take me to jail.  Now the undereducated idiot both insulted my intelligence as well as my pride.  It was also pretty obvious that the officer economically profiled me based on what I drove, and decided he could make himself feel like a big boy by picking on me.  I came to this conclusion because the cop completely ignored the new Lexus parked behind me with actually no one walking up to it and focused on my car.

Plan B.  I immediately made a huge scene and make sure all of the bystanders were watching.  I told the guy he was an asshole cop and I may have in my anger screamed out at him that he was a "bitch".  Needless to say, the cop could have arrested me and definitely made an even bigger scene and maybe the 6-o'clock news.   Fortunately, he had half a brain and realized he fucked up and quickly walked off.

I'm not usually a confrontational person, but sometimes, stupid people just piss me off.

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