Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well, I guess it's time... again

Tonight, my friend Molly and my girlfriend decided that I was overweight (correction, obese).  To their credit, I have not been watching my weight and have been eating whatever I want for at least the past 4-years.  In fact, I haven't worked out during this period either.

Before that period, I used to go mountain biking frequently with my coworkers at Medtronic in Santa Rosa, and before that, I used to run 21 miles per week.  I was definitely athletic and focused on keeping myself fit.  Looking back I believe everything started going downhill after I contracted mono.  With mono, I was forced to remain immobile for weeks.

I guess every 9-years or so I get to the lose weight phase, last time being my senior year in college, where I went from a portly 215 lbs to 145 lbs with the help of exercise, a very healthy diet, my college roommates keeping an eye on me (plus what I eat), and a modern dance class.  Here we go again...

My last "real" meal was lunch at Sweet Basil.  I must have known that this was going to be my last meal, since I decided to order chicken satay skewers as an appetizer, Thai iced coffee, and Pad Thai with roasted duck.  I pretty much stuffed myself silly for a mere $18 bucks.  Well, I couldn't have gone in a better way.

I will be blogging about my experience, excitement, and pain during this process.  Hopefully someone will get something (at least some entertainment) out of it.

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