Friday, July 2, 2010

Day One

Well, it really sucks that today everyone will be enjoying those amazing sandwiches from Little Lucca and I will be watching from the popcorn gallery.   

Thinking about the enormous sandwiches they serve there, I had an epiphany.  One thing that contributed to my weight gain is every lunch place we frequent usually offers much more food than I really need, for a great price; regardless of whether it's a deli, Japanese, Thai, Pho, or Indian.  Lunch specials usually run anywhere from $7 to $10, plus a drink and appetizer, and we have a full fledged 2,000+ calorie meal.

The easy solution would be to not eat everything on my plate.  Unfortunately, that is easier said than done.  First of all, I like to eat.  Second, I was taught from when I was young not to be wasteful.  Third, I'm Asian and cheap, I just can't justify throwing away food I have purchased.  The combination of all three ends up having me consume much more calories than I need.

Having grown up poor, I always want to get the must out of the buck.  For example, when I'm at a deli, I always ask for the roll vs. sliced bread because for the same price I feel like I'm getting more for my hard earned money.

The parallel I can draw would be owning a Prius but trying to fill up the tank at the same interval as a Ferrari.  By the way, I am super jealous of those individuals who's metabolism operates at the level of a Ferrari.  Those individuals can eat whatever they wish and still remain slim.  Of course, if we ever go into a famine, I will outlast all of them.  Since we're in America, I guess that scenario wouldn't be very likely.

Anyways, back from the tangent.

This morning all I had at the office was a glass of non-fat milk.  I was still hungry so I went with a coworker to Starbucks.  I realized that a nice iced Americano really suppresses my hunger and kills my appetite.  I am not sure if this is the result of the caffeine I ingested or the taste of the coffee itself, but it works.  Coffee will now become a regular part of my life. 

Time check, it's only 10:30am.  Wow, this is going to be a long day.

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