Friday, January 28, 2011

Free speech, not free from consequences speech.

This article explains a key reason why I don't go on Facebook.  To be honest, most of Facebook consist of amateur Peeping Toms trying to figure out what everyone else is doing with their lives and people who constantly post and update to show everyone they have ever associated with that they made something of themselves (the really insecure ones, likely the one that everyone picked on and made fun of as a kid).

Whether it's how in love they are, how great their significant other ("SO") is, or how great they are at their job, and lastly, how awesome their material possessions are (I'm talking to you people who post pictures of your car and motorcycle as your profile picture; sometimes, they're not even yours). People on Facebook are prone to exaggeration, and sometimes the place feels like a more discreet ad.

The problem with Facebook too is that not everything you post is private.  In fact, I'm fairly confident that Facebook monetizes by giving access to HR.  There's no better way to keep tabs on your employees, and it's a great way to make some money to justify that $60 Billion dollar valuation.  I've had very private updates somehow show up with HR prior -- good thing it was nothing bad, and I was good friends with the team.

Don't get me wrong, I think Facebook is an amazing marketing tool that can be used to reach millions of potential customers.  But that's a business application.

Oh btw, almost all companies have the ability to track your keystrokes, which websites you have visited, and screenshots. Just do a Google search, there are plenty of easy to install software for sale that does exactly that. But where else could you vent your frustrations with your last company (screwing you over on your promised promotion or emphasize with a bad boss?  How about an anonymous blog? :-)

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