Monday, February 28, 2011

How to find out if he's a fake sugar daddy tips

My SO was so amused about all the hits I'm getting for this term that she decided to write an article with tips on how to figure out if your with a fake sugar daddy.  Her article below:

How to find out if he's a fake sugar daddy tips: Because this blog is already somehow getting hits for it.

So you've sold out on the idea of a loving relationship where companionship and compassion for one another is the stable pillar of your life. You know what you want--and it's something tangible. You're a gold digger and you've found your way here.

  1. Statistically, the truth is, he probably is a fake sugar daddy. A very small percentage of the population is financially equipped to offer you the sugar daddy privilege. A small portion of those men are willing to be a sugar daddy. An even smaller portion of those men may be in your area. This depends on where you live (you may be SOL if you're in BFE). An even smaller portion will be where you're trying to pick them up. And then, it's whether he wants you vs. another girl. Or girls. At this point, it's definitely helpful if you have something on your side like good looks. A cute smile and bubbly personality can only get you so far with a man who can pick and choose from a plethora of gold diggers.
  2. Realize that there is a difference between material possessions and a lifestyle. What exactly are you looking for? Some michelin stars here and there, a pair of croc very prives, a small vacation? Or are you looking for the full blown luxury lifestyle? Are you willing to lower your standards to include commercial air travel, or are you looking for someone who will charter a jet for you? Is it your ambition to buy a different leather & color combination bag from every Hermes store in the world? It takes a significantly smaller salary and net worth to accommodate aspects of the luxury lifestyle than the full lifestyle. What are you willing to settle for?
  3. Okay, now that you figured out what you wanted--look at yourself. Are you really good enough to fight your way through an entire horde of gold diggers who are chasing after the same exact thing? Your looks are fading--you're aging every second, and the tans, the drinks, they're not helping you out. If he's done well for himself, he's set for life. Are you? What value do you hold after your looks fade? How will you fend for yourself after he trades you in? I hope you find a good surgeon. Or you'll get lucky and find a finicky thing called love moseying into the relationship.
  4. Wait, so you have a guy and you want to know if he's a fake. Please refer to #1. He probably is. Does the white of his eyes ever so slightly widen when you order a nice bottle of wine or top shelf alcohol? Does he drive his sports car everywhere--because it's his only car? Use common sense. He probably is.
  5. Talk is cheap. Any guy can talk up a storm about his travels, his purchases, ect. Hell, even a guy who is pretty broke can go into debt for that orange togo kelly. However, note that if a guy is bragging, he's either 1. insecure and doesn't have anything. 2. is insecure and is desperate. Do you really want those choices? Money is money, you say?
  6. Take a good look at his place--furniture is something that can definitely get pricey, but is easy to cheap out on. Underneath that wood-looking surface, do you find particleboard pieces from IKEA? Are his pillows ploh, or are they made out of dust mites and chicken feathers?
  7. His watch--or watch collection. The most obscure and low key pieces are often the most exclusive and high end. Know your watches.
  8. His car--or car collection. Has he rebadged any cars? Yeah? RUN. Not only is he a fake, but a douchebag as well (not that you cared).
  9. Refer to #1. Good luck, but you'll most likely fail. Have fun!

In all seriousness, try a shot at finding someone who you'll actually be happy with. Unless you really hate yourself or something. Don't date douchebags--find a nice guy. Not a loser, but a nice guy. It may not be the most glamorous lifestyle, but it's a happy one. And sometimes, you get nice things, too--all because he loves you. Not because that's the only thing keeping you around.


  1. Hi, I just read your blog. I have a question or two if you're even still keeping up with your blog......I do have a job and I'm not lazy, I just want a sugar daddy as opposed to needing one. I've been tryin to find a honest SD for about a year and a half. I did meet someone and he is a very nice man, but he isn't wealthy at all, but I was willing to keep talking with him even if he wasn't rich. He said he wanted to better my life and that he would help me out in any way he could. He did buy me some nice things, but those things were never what I said I wanted. At first he ok with being just friends (no sex) and was still willing. I was ok with that. As time passed he started hinting that he wanted a physical relationship, but I declined. He was sad, but he got over it. I am currently still talking to him because I don't think he's a bad guy, I just want something he can't give me. Trust me, there's a point to this story. He started telling me he was in love with me and that he wanted something more from me. I said HELLLZ NO! Again, he was sad, yet he kept telling me he would respect my choice. He complained on a weekly basis saying ridiculous crap about how he didn't feel as though I was giving our "relationship a chance" even though he KNEW I didn't like him like that. Eeewwwww! Lol. Everytime he started to complain I would yell at him and say "why do you keep bringing this shit up!" Every time I threatened to cut him out of my life he would beg me not to go, saying he was sorry and that he wouldn't do it again (ha! Yeah, right.) He always ended up back on my shit list. This shennanigan went on for quite some time, which is my fault. Anyway, the question is: my cousin wants a sugar daddy too (she's 19) but she is very naive and trusts people more than she should. She had sex with some guy she met really soon because he promised her a bunch of shit but when it was time to go home, he gave her 120 dollars and sent her on her way. WHY WON'T SHE LISTEN TO ME! I keep telling her to stop trusting people she barely knows. How do I get her to listen to me and wake up???!!!

  2. Girl im not an experience sb but only a dance but i run into customer like that and they are living pay check to check. He is as broke as you And. He is trying to create a relationship which not what you need at all. Your cousin in settling for less. Strippers usually get down for 500. So she is get hooker prices. If you set your goals higher you will get what you want. If a guy has money and you ask for it and he is attracted to you then he will give it to you. And having sex on the first night or second date is not sb/sd roles it is prostitution plain and simple. So quite selling yourselves short. There is plenty of money out there make them want to give it to you. What sets u out from the rest.