Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nice Commuter Cars

Now that I am driving to work every day, and the commute constitutes about a hour of my life per day, I see a lot of interesting vehicles people use as commuters. Most are fairly standard, but once in a while, a car just stands out.

This may just look like a regular Corvette, but the license plate spells out "Hennessey".  I'm assuming the after market company got their hands on this vehicle.  Oddly enough, driven by an old white woman.

This was the first time I saw a Aston Martin Rapide in the wild.  Gorgeous, and surprisingly big car.  The guy must be well off considering one of these babies cost north of $200K.

Seeing all these high end performance cars do sometimes make me miss my 911.  The Volvo SUV just doesn't have the same acceleration, although I don't get cut off as much.

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