Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shared bathrooms

One thing I hate about working at a small company is the shared bathrooms.  There are several suites on our floor and we all share one central bathroom.  Unfortunately, not everyone that works on our floor has any decent bathroom etiquette.  Many times there is this one individual who stuff so much toilet paper in the toilet that it often backs up (or he's got some extremely powerful excrements).

There was even this one time where it literally looked like someone stuffed a bomb into the toilet and blew it up.  Scat was everywhere.  The smell was so bad I would gag whenever I went near the bathroom.  I really felt sorry for the individual who had to clean it up.

We decided to post this up in the bathroom stall this individual desecrated.  Funny enough, we haven't had a situation lose to that since.

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