Monday, March 7, 2011

Panerai, Panerai, Panerai

I can't help constantly visiting this site and just staring at all of the beautiful timepieces I won't be able to afford, and/ or should not purchase.  I was introduced to this brand by an individual I no longer associate with, but this influence I have happily carried on.

Picture from the Panerai site

Beyond the history, and the heritage of the timepiece, there are many reason why I love this watch.  I just love how simply elegant and durably built these watches are.  The crown protector is also very unique. I would wear it even long after the trend of large watches pass.

I confess, I have been bad in the past and purchase more than my share of these watches.  The money spent could have gone to investing in real estate, another car for my commute to work, and possibly investing in my retirement.

In many ways this brand has been my kryptonite.

Oh be still, my restless heart.

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