Friday, April 15, 2011

Nice watches... to be added to my collection someday.

There is no denying that I enjoy watches.

At every major stage of my life, there always seems to be something I get completely addicted to in terms of hobby.  When I was in middle school through high school, I was completely immersed in mountain biking.  Over the period (and for some time after college), I have purchased and owned several high end mountain and road bikes.  This all started with my first mountain bike (a Diamond Back) that cost $600 from the Off Ramp in Mountain View.  I quickly moved on to a Voodoo Cycles D-Jab Titanium hard tail from Wheel works in Palo Alto (they eventually moved from their downtown location to a location on El Camino, and ultimately became Mike's Bikes).

During this period of time, my attention transitioned to cars.  This lead to my purchase of a BMW M3 convertible, a BMW M Roadster, a Honda S2000, and a Porsche 911 Carrera.  My hobbies had definitely gotten more expensive over time.  Many of my hobbies overlapped as my interests transitioned from one area to another. For example, when I got into cars, I was still very actively involved with bicycling.

After I moved to Santa Rosa for work, my coworkers encouraged me to get back into biking, and I purchase a Trek full Carbon road bike along with a Santa Cruz Blur mountain bike with all the trimmings (including Juicy hydraulic disk brakes, Fox Float RLC front shocks, 5th Element rear shocks, and Shimano XT components).

I purchased my first nice watch, a Breitling Montbrillant Datora, after selling my Honda S2000. I figured that this purchase will hold me over from buying another sports car.  Oh, how wrong I was.  I quickly ended up purchasing the Porsche 911 soon after.

Fast forward to today.  I now drive a Volvo.  What a difference!

What I didn't realize until now was that my current hobby isn't any cheaper.  In fact, some of the timepieces I would like to own someday range anywhere from the cost of a reasonable sports convertible to a price of a decent down payment for a condo in the Bay Area.  There is no denying though that everyone of these timepieces is beautiful.

My girlfriend took these pictures while we were visiting Las Vegas.  Definitely the place to be if you're interested in high end time pieces.  I can't remember how much the Ulysses Nardin skeleton watch cost, but the Zenith El Primero with the tourbillon movement cost $120,000 USD.  Ouch.


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