Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday Night Delivery of American Cupcake

I went out Thursday evening with my old coworkers to an alumni mixer.  I had dinner at the new restaurant The Brixton (where I believe the old Left of Albuquerque used to be) and they had really good food.  The restaurant reminds me of an old British Catholic school cigar bar.  I highly recommend their grilled chicken salad.  The burger also looks pretty good though I didn't have any there.

Afterwards, I stopped by American Cupcake on Union St in the Marina and bought some cupcakes to bring home to the girlfriend.  She LOOVVVES (while rolling her eyes) cupcakes... and ponies.

My colleagues got jealous and ordered some sliders for themselves.

American Cupcakes on Union Street has decent cupcakes.  They have a wide selection of flavors but unfortunately not as good as Sibby's Cupcakery.  Sometimes (depending on the flavor you get) the frosting tastes a bit artificial as well.  They are, however, much better than Sprinkles, and one of the few cupcakeries that sells both "real" food and alcohol.  They have beer, wine, champagne, and "spiked" (and I mean heavily spiked) milkshakes.   They also serve some amazing tater tots (though I guess it'll be pretty hard to screw that up) as well as red velvet fried chicken, and the richest macaroni and cheese known to man.

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