Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sibby's Cupcakery Again and Again!

I think we may be addicted to Sibby's cupcakes. Well, I think my girlfriend is, and I am a willing accomplice.

Because there are only two of us enjoying these wonderful cupcakes, we don't try to purchase a dozen ahead of time, but instead drop by regularly to see if they have any "loose" or extra cupcakes lying around that they could sell us.  We usually purchase about a half dozen, perfect for eating throughout the day.

The flavors we purchased today were:

Strawberry (so moist!)

Red Velvet, Snicker-doodle

Chocolate and Cream

Carrot cake

I generally prefer to purchase their mini cupcakes since that allows me to try out more flavors within my daily caloric limit, but beggars can't be choosers.  Sometimes, Sibby's only have a specific flavor in a certain size, so I'll have to do without the minis.  They are one of the few places I have tried where the mini cupcakes are just as moist as their regular size cupcakes!

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