Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend of Fiat 500 and Sibby's Cupcakes

My girlfriend is in love with the Fiat 500.  She was introduced to the car by Top Gear and fell in love with the vehicle when we saw it in person during our visit to Barcelona.  Fiat had recently released their 500-limited edition first edition Fiats and the local dealership had 2 of them in stock.  My girlfriend really wanted to see it so come Saturday we woke up super early and made our way over to the dealer.  Since my girlfriend does not yet have her license, I was given the honor of test driving the "Pop" and "Sport" version.  Fortunately, the First Edition ("Prima Edizione") was sold out by the time we got there, otherwise I may be a couple tens of thousand poorer.  

The "Pop" edition felt very unstable and the manual transmission felt really loose. Personally, I prefer the experience with the "Sport" model.  The sportier model has a stiffer suspension and a nice exhaust note.  In addition, the vehicle comes with a 6-speed automatic that pretty much takes care of everything for you -- in contrast to the 5-speed manual.

The car is very tiny, and very cute with good visibility front, rear, and side.  The 3/4 rear visibility is compromised by the size of the car and the small rear windows, but overall the car felt very "German".  The car is also fairly well optioned and comes with a nice Bose stereo system standard.  The vehicles we viewed also has USB and Aux connectivity for your iPhone and iPods.

Although the vehicle starts out at $15K MSRP, the price of most of the vehicles we saw were around $20K.  This is because the entry level price is VERY BASE.  With some basic necessities, the price gets quickly bumped up.  The vehicle also comes in some basic colors, and I would highly recommend the white.

We then dropped by Sibby's Cupcakery to pick up a dozen cupcakes for my friends birthday Sunday.  We had to pick up the cupcakes Saturday because the bakery was closed on Easter Sunday (understandably).  Having the cupcake sit around my house for the whole day without being able to eat any was definitely a struggle.  The cupcake was just as good the next afternoon, though it was not as moist as the cupcakes fresh from the store.  

One annoying part of Sibby's is that you pretty much have to order cupcakes by the dozen.  Loose cupcakes came rarely and only at certain designated times.  During this time you get a rush of people who will "hoard" all the cupcakes without regards to maybe sharing a couple for other people in line.  Some individuals actaully order a dozen of the loose cupcakes, and it really bring into question why they didn't just order a dozen in advance to begin with.  The employees don't really make any effort to make sure there are enough loose cupcakes around either.  Because of the quality of the cupcakes (I have not found better), I am willing to put up with the drama. They are quality, but definitely make money hand over fist -- one loose regular cupcake and one mini total over $5... a dozen regular cupcakes come to a total of just a tad south of $40.

Overall, a good weekend.

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