Saturday, April 16, 2011

Couples who cook together... well, you know the rest

My SO and I have now committed to driving down to Milk Pail in Mountain View to do our grocery shopping once a week.  We have tried to "cheat" by going to our local Draeger's Supermarket (think higher end Whole Foods for cougar graduates), but the quality of the fruits there just do not compare.

Not only does Milk Pail have some of the freshest selection of fruits and vegetables, they also have a large selection of cheese, homemade frozen food products, as well as bread, meats, and various perishables that one can only find at a specialized store. There is also always something new there that we see and want to try out, for example, we bought some Spanish-style chorizo and bottled sardines that were imported from Europe.  Both were really good and of much better quality than anything I've found in other markets (sorry Mollie Stones, we still love you though).  

We often eat a good portion of our purchase the evening after the shopping spree, as it is easiest to plan our purchase around that evening's dinner since we're already at the market.

My SO had read rave reviews about this special yogurt that Milk Pail carried called La Fermiere.  The yogurt came in an earthen clay jar (which I'm assuming is where most of that $4.99 price tag came from) and tasted amazing.  I would like to buy more but that price tag (per jar!) is a bit too rich for my blood.  

While we were snacking on the yogurt, we prepared some grass fed pork loin chop from Milk Pail with a balsamic vinegar brine as well as some bokchoy and carrots.  

The result was an oven roasted pork loin chop with garlic and brown sugar, glazed with an oyster sauce and soy mixture my SO made.  We had as sides blanched bokchoy topped with oyster sauce and carrot puree with cinnamon and brown sugar. Nom!

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