Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10 Things You can do to get un-friended on Facebook

I was a bit skeptical when a DSL Service Provider website reached out to me regarding an article about how to get yourself unfriended on Facebook.  My only speculation is that this is a way for the website admin to build up some juicy back links and built up their SEO rankings. That being said, the article was entertaining.

Many of the points the article made were the reasons why I unfriended many people on my own personal Facebook account, or at least put them on limited profile with the option to block all of their posts selected.  I still remember this old high school classmate who for lack of a better term was an Indian "wookie".  She went silent for a couple years and reappeared from what I can only describe as several plastic surgery, got preggo by some sad Silicon Valley executive, then started posting every 5-10 mins about what she's doing.  Literally I know more about her than my own bowel movements.  She would post that she's in the shower, taking a dump, getting ready, driving to... etc.  Again, Facebook is a place where you can present to the world who you "want" to be, cause it gives you the ability to friend people you rarely see.  The people who know you on a daily basis are laughing at you, not with you.

Please read the excerpts carefully and don't overdo any of the points below:

  1. Annoying posts – People who constantly post every boring aspect of their everyday life on Facebook run the risk of being un-friended. Nobody wants to know what your cat is doing or that you just finished brushing your teeth. Keep your posts to a minimum and keep it pertinent. 
  2. Obnoxious posts – Using foul or explicit language and posting off-color jokes will get you un-friended in a big hurry. Most people want to keep things PC and PG on their Facebook page and aren’t going to tolerate crassness. 
  3. Politics or Religion – What goes in polite society also applies to social networking on the web. Your Facebook friends can get very offended or just plain turned off by constant political or religious posts. If there’s something you feel compelled to share with your like-minded friends, start a Facebook group and share it there. 
  4. Break up – If your relationship dissolves, you’ll not only be un-friended by your ex, but by most of his or her friends as well. When you break up don’t be surprised when your friends list starts to decline. 
  5. Share other’s personal info – Posting your friends personal information on Facebook will make you very unpopular fast. Nobody wants you sharing their email address, phone numbers or private medical information with strangers. 
  6. Graphic pics – Sharing lewd or graphic photos on Facebook is a sure way to lose friends quickly plus get you reported. Unless all your friends are all porn stars, they don’t want to see pictures of your “junk”. 
  7. Constant game requests – If someone doesn’t respond to your game request for Farmville then leave it alone. Stick with the friends you know like to play the silly games and don’t harass the ones who aren’t interested. 
  8. Whining – Friends who are constantly complaining and just use Facebook to vent their frustrations will soon find themselves un-friended. Nobody wants friends with a negative attitude all the time so stop your whining! 
  9. Bragging – Keep your self-promotion to a minimum on your Facebook page or friends will start to turn off. They don’t need to be continually reminded how much better you think you are than everybody else. 
  10. Nothing – One of the best ways to get un-friended is to do absolutely nothing on Facebook. People don’t want friends who aren’t actively participating in their social networking activities, so make sure you post something once in awhile or comment on their posts. Try clicking on “Like” on occasion if nothing else.

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