Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cad & the Dandy: bespoke suits from the UK

A representative from Cad & the Dandy reached out to me several days ago about an event they were hosting:

Cad & the Dandy will launch the annual "Best Dressed Banker's Award" on Oct. 10, 2011. Last year's winner was Greg Rellis of OTC Europe who received 2 bespoke suits together with his nominee.  I'm expecting nothing less for this year's rewards.

Not being familiar with bespoke UK suits beyond the generic Thomas Pink and English Laundry (are they even a British brand?!) shirts, I decided to do some research and peek around their website.  The site is very well built and the services they offer look legit, and at a reasonable price considering the suit is bespoke.  The price for a bespoke suit is about the same as a Canali suit on sale at Nordstroms. They look to have three locations: Savile Row, The City, and Canary Wharf.

The sites "about us" section describes the boutique as the following:

Cad & the Dandy

At London tailors Cad and the Dandy, we dispel the myth that quality comes at a heavy price. We operate with the conviction that high end bespoke tailoring should be accessible to all. Our suits offer a modern British cut, are made using age old hand tailoring techniques and are delivered with a personal touch.We don't over complicate things, operating from small but intimate premises in The City, Savile Row and Canary Wharf with our trained Savile Row tailors, cutters and finishers. We offer three grades of tailored suit: machine stitched, half hand-stitched and fully hand-stitched. All of our suits start with pattern creation, done by hand and retained for all future orders. We believe in ease by offering appointments across London from our Savile Row, City & Canary Wharf shops or by simply reordering online using our unique, interactive design tool. Choose from hundreds of design permutations, a vast library of fabrics and co-ordinate with our spectrum of stylish linings to create your very own tailored suit.

I wonder what kind of fabric they offer for their suits, do they have a variety at different price points or are they all a minimum of Super 100 or 120 wool.  Lastly, I wonder if it's made in house or contracted out to Italy (which has a booming Chinese immigrant population making suits on the cheap -- but still maintaining the "Made in Italy" labeling.  Either way, I'm bummed I live on the wrong side of the pond so I can't visit the store in person.

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