Friday, October 28, 2011

Big Business of Personal Finance blogs

Always interesting to see something as important and prominent as US News reporting on what I have accomplished.

Consider that large public companies having been quietly buying personal finance blogs for seven- and even eight-figure amounts. The first such sale occurred in 2008 when Bankrate, Inc. (NYSE:RATE) paid nearly $15 million for, a personal finance blog run by Johns Wu. Since then, Bankrate has purchased another popular personal finance blog for $3 million, according to a recent SEC filing.
Quinstreet, Inc. (NASDAQ:QNST) has also been on a personal finance blog-buying spree. Over the past few years, Quinstreet has purchased several of the most popular personal finance blogs for undisclosed amounts.
Too bad they didn't reach out to me, I would know every detail of every finance blog deal both QS and Bankrate has done, since I was completing with them on many of the deals and led many of the process.  Then again, the non-disclosure would have kept my mouth pretty tightly sealed. :-)

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