Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brand and perception matters

Even with products of the same value and quality, branding matters greatly.  If you don't believe it, see the article below.  Some of the most successful companies are ones who have a great product along with great branding.

6 Steps to Building a Better “Frame”

  1. Admit It! – the first step is that you have to admit that you have access to the same “frame” building materials as your competitors. Unfortunately, most who read this are likely thinking at this point, “Yeah, but, I don’t blah, blah, blah….” If you’re going to make radical transitions in your life or organization, you first have to stop making excuses and admit you control the same ingredients as others.
  2. Vision It! – once you admit you can control, and build, a better frame, next you have to have a clear vision of what it will look like. The best way to do this is to look from the perspective of your prospects or clients. What perception do you want them to have?
  3. Draw It! – if you can see the “frame” in your mind, now it’s time to draw the blueprints. These blueprints will serve as a trusted reference as you begin constructing your “frame.”
  4. Build It! – with detailed blueprints in hand, it’s now time to start construction. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the individual pieces involved in the process. Refer back to your blueprints regularly to keep you on track.
  5. Live It! – once you’ve completed building your frame, it’s time to start living it. Embrace it! Allow your frame to work. Stay within your frame.
  6. Review It! – set aside time to each month to review your “frame” and each of its components. You want to review it to be sure that each of the components are still working together and helping shape others’ perceptions of you and your organization.
Want to see what happened when Josh Bell removed his “frame”?


Don’t become overwhelmed trying to figure out how to create your “frame”. A great starting place could be as simple as dressing to impress. It’s also important to continually learn from others who’ve mastered the art of creating “frames” and personal brands.
What else can you do to start creating your own “frame”, and controlling others’ perceptions of you and your brand?
This is a guest post by Wayne Mullins. He is the founder of Ugly Mug Marketing and he blogs about ...

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