Monday, November 21, 2011

OWS Protesters are protesting at the wrong location

Occupy Wall Street protesters should not be camped out in front of banks, Federal Reserve buildings, and random parks.  They really should be camped out in front of Congress.

Many people are favorable towards the current Republican and Tea Party because of the party's amazing ability to twist their words in the 30-second soundbites to appeal to us.  But unless you personally make more than $500,000/year.  You're going to get screwed. This is the danger of our media today, too many people are making judgement based only on soundbites.  I'm still surprised how often people who make less than $500,000/year and small business owners get mad at the poor robbing the rich.  Their mindset may need to be reset.

They are the "poor" who are being robbed.... something is wrong when Warren Buffet feels guilty of the tax cuts he and his peers are receiving.

"You hear the Republicans say that you don't dare raise taxes in a weak economy," says Stockman. "Ronald Reagan did – three times."

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