Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So 5th Gear and Top Gear finally agrees on something

While I was dropping by my parent's place (because although my father is a self made man, he can't for the life of him figure out how to install a flat screen TV) when I realized that the McLaren dealership and the Fisker dealership has just been completed.  The Fisker dealership also sold a lot of pre-owned higher end sports cars.  As we walked up to the dealership, we saw a Fisker get taken out for a test drive.  The only way I can describe the car is that it has an ominous sound as it drove by us.  I made a v-line directly to the McLaren dealership and ogled at the new McLaren MP-12C.  I still think that car is gorgeous.  Unfortunately, both Top Gear and Fifth Gear agreed that the car isn't as predictable and as fun to drive as the Ferrari 458.  What a shame.

Top Gear Review:

Fifth Gear Review:

Both auto programs test their car in an airfield. I wonder if they're doing their test at the same Top Gear location....

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