Monday, March 12, 2012

The Pagani Huayra Story

Have you ever wondered how a hyper car is created? No? Okay, have you ever wonder why hyper cars are so darn expensive? Yes, good. The video below would interest you. The video was created by Pagani to explain in 14.37 min detail how the vehicle was create, what the inspiration came from, and may help contribute to your understanding of why cars from them are so expensive. Part of it could be that the Huayra badge alone takes 24-hours to mill out of a solid block of aluminum.

The Huayra, besides for the horrible name, is actually a pretty amazing car. They have probably named the vehicle one of the hardest names to pronounce. Huayra is actually pronounced as "why-ra", with a silent "H". I guess if you're rich enough to actually purchase the vehicle, you are in theory well educated enough to know the meaning as well as how to pronounce the name of your latest Pagani.

The vehicle has one of the first active down force systems that act like flaps on an airplane to push both the front and the rear of the car down, depending on the maneuver and the situation. This is in contrast to the active rear spoiler most current high end vehicles have. In theory, this could create a vehicle that is extremely slippery at speed, but able to immediately generate grip when needed for those high speed turns. Interesting stuff!

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