Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Panerai watch background and service info

Now if you own a Panerai, or have thought about owning one, here is a couple things you may want to know.  The screwdriver that comes with the watch to swap watch straps are notoriously easy to break.  I know, because I have broken mine.  Unfortunately, replacements are fairly hard to come by. I called around to numerous AD and finally the Panerai boutique in Beverly Hills to get the appropriate info. 

Below is the information I found.

Service centre
Panerai After Sales Service Center
15100 Trinity Blvd, Suite 300
TX 76155, Fort Worth
Phone: 001 866 374 4430
Fax:001 817 785 2391

I also have the number to one of whom I believe is the reps that work there.  Her name is Dale and her number is 817-785-2400.  Unfortunately, I have left her several messages and she still has not responded back to me.

For those that never owned a Panerai or curious about the Panerai they have, I found this great resource while I was searching for a replacement screwdriver and rod bearings for my strap.

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