Monday, March 21, 2011

Sibby's or American Cupcake?

Sibby's in San Mateo or American Cupcake on Union Street in the Marina?

This is a hard question.  American Cupcake has a retail store that sells most of their goods along with some fantastic red velvet fried chicken as well as upscaled tater tots. Their cupcakes are good, but depending on the flavor is sometimes a hit or miss.

Sibby's in San Mateo has a completely different environment and feel.  They are a commercial kitchen with no retail store.  You have to order head of time or just show up when they are open hoping they have some extras they are willing to sell you.  They are located near Ramen Dojo so it's a favorite dessert spot for my gf and I after a big and hearty (and often greasy) lunch.

To be honest, I would be perfectly happy with cupcakes from either location, but if I had to choose, I would definitely prefer Sibby's.  As one loyal Sibby's customer said when she dropped by to pick up her order, "I drove all the way from the Marina to get these.  They are the best."

No joke.

There's another local cupcake place that has some great flavors.  I don't know the name since my coworker brought the cupcakes, maybe if you know where the cupcake below came from, you can let me know!

Update: I figured out the cupcake above was from Cupcake Cove in the Financial District.  Caramel brittle cupcake. 

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